Sunday, November 25, 2012

Charlotte's First Haircut

It was time.  Charlotte is 21 months old now, it was about time to trim her hair, not because she has a lot of hair, but rather because the way that it was growing in.  The girl had a mullet, and it had to go.

I had to search through pictures to find a good "before" shot.  Thankfully Lily had taken my camera and gone on a spree and along the way nabbed this one.  This photo is a couple of months old, so it was longer.
 Overall she was good about letting me trim it.  The girl is not great about sitting still so it was a job to get her to sit still long enough to make just a few simple cuts.
 Every time I tried to take a picture of the back she would throw herself backwards on Tyson's lap and laugh.  She thinks that it is funny to drive me nuts like this.
 I finally managed to get a picture.  Nothing fancy, just a straight trim along the back.  Hopefully I can let it grow for a while now.  I'm not expecting much though, it takes a while for my girls' hair to grow.
Speaking of hair, Lily finally has enough for my to really get to play with.  I'm loving it...and she tolerates it well.

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