Saturday, December 1, 2012

Advent Calendar: December 1st

Some of you may remember the Advent calendar that I did with my girls last year.  We had such a great time with that project that we are doing it again, but a little differently.  Last years was rushed, I only decided to do it on November 28th so there wasn't much time to think up activities or create a cute calendar.  This year I put our activity list together a couple of months in advance, but again left actually making the calendar for the last minute.  I came up with decorate baggies strung along a ribbon. 
 Inside each bag there is an activity for the day, a scripture to read as a family, and new this year a Christmas song to listen.  There are also a couple of chocolate kisses in there; sweets for my sweeties.
  Today's activity, just as last year on the 1st, was to decorate the Christmas tree.  Pay no mind to how they are dressed in this photo, I left early this morning and dressing them was up to Tyson.

Our scripture for the day was Luke 1:11-17.  We are starting out talking about John the Baptist and how he prepared the way for Jesus Christ.
Lily was so excited to put up the tree, and the lights and the star that goes on top.  She kept calling the ornaments the ingredients, but she loved hanging those all over the bottom 3 feet of the tree as well.  Charlotte didn't get to participate much because she became rather sick this afternoon and didn't feel up to doing much more than cuddling.

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