Monday, December 17, 2012

December 17th

One week until Christmas Eve!!!  Anyone else freaking out about them, because I am!  I'm usually so much more prepared.  I've just been a little off these last few months and now I'm feeling the effects of it.  Thankfully, today's advent activity was quick and simple.  We started out, as always, with the day's scripture.  Today is was Hosea 11:1 which tells how Israel was led out of Egypt as a similitude of Christ.

I had planned to paint snowflakes today, but it has been NUTS around here today, so I adjusted.  We still did snowflakes, but no paint.  I got out some blue construction paper, glue sticks and irridescent glitter.  I had them use the glue sticks to decorate a snowflake (I drew the basic 3 crossed lines) and then they poured glitter on and moved it around to cover the glue.

 I let my 21 month old pour glitter on her own.  This is what happens when mommy gets 4 hours of sleep, she isn't always thinking clearly.

 Since the project didn't take long, and they were still in a creative mode I brought them coloring books and crayons.

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