Monday, December 31, 2012

To Grandmother's House We Go

A few days after Christmas we loaded up the car and headed down to Utah to visit my husband's family in Sandy.  The girls just love getting to see grandma and grandpa and are spoiled rotten with attention from aunts, uncle and grandparents.

While we were there we visited the aquarium which they loved!  Lily was being stubborn at first, insisting that she didn't want to go.  But when we pulled up and she saw the posters that indicated what was inside she changed her mind pretty quickly.  Her favorites were the sea horses, sea turtle, red-eyed tree frogs, and the anaconda.  I think that Charlotte liked the much more active otters and penguins the best.
 They have a fun little area for the kids to climb and explore while the tired parents rest for a minute, which is of course the only time that I bothered to pull out my camera.
Most of this trip was spent with family.  The girls have such a fun time playing with everyone and since they are so involved this mama gets a bit of a break from entertaining them.  

As part of that break Tyson took me to see Les Miserables, which I have been anticipating for about a year now.  I was not disappointed.  Les Miserables is my favorite book, I love it, and I have yet to be satisfied with any production of it.  While the musical is not exactly true to the book, in many ways, because of the music, it captures the ethos of the story better than conventional movies.  While not perfect by any means, the new production is powerful and is the best production of Les Miserables out there, by far.

Sunday was the family Christmas party with Tyson's mom's side of the family.  Lily and Charlotte chose their costumes and parts in the little Nativity production the night before and Lily was so excited to be a wise man.  The costume didn't come off until she fell asleep and I took it off of her.  Charlotte got to be a shepherd and carry around a cute little fluffy white sheep.  I left my camera in the car so no pictures, which is sad, because they were just so cute.

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