Sunday, December 16, 2012

December 16th

Continuing on with out Christmas story, as part of our advent calendar today we read Luke 2:36-38, which is about Anna, who was also at the temple with Simeon and prophesied about Christ child's future role as the Redeemer of mankind.

For our activity today I had planned to make snowball cupcakes, which worked out perfectly because my mother texted me yesterday asking me to bring dessert to family dinner tonight.  I made the cupcakes while the girls napped and when they got up we were ready to decorate.
 Lily is a pro by now, she knew just what to do and was waiting to help me load up and use the piping bag.
 We just had a couple dozen cupcakes, the best white frosting ever, and some crystalline white sprinkles.
 I piped the frosting on and the girls tipped them upside down into the bowl of sprinkles.  The tops looked just like glittering snowballs (but they tasted much better).

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