Saturday, December 8, 2012

December 8th

Today was a crazy busy day!  We were booked from morning to late at night and it was just go, go, go!!!  We missed our scripture for today, which would have been Luke 1:39-56.  We will have to incorporate it into Sunday's Advent activities.

The plan for today was to host a Christmas party.  The girls and I had my primary class, which consists of 10 year-old girls, over for a party.  We decorated pine cone ornaments and finished up the rest of the cinnamon ornaments from earlier this week.  We also cut out and decorated sugar cookies.
My girls loved it!  They had some really sweet girls who loved playing with them and entertaining them around and got to fully participate in the cookie cutting, baking, and decorating.  They were sad to see them all have to go at the end.

I slacked on pictures, I only got one of Lily after everyone left with her snowman cookie family.  I was too busy with the goings on to take pictures.

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