Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December 19th

Our scripture for the 19th day of December was about one of Christ's teachings, which I think is really well fitting for this time of year.  It was Matthew 25:40 which tells us that when we help and serve others, we are serving our God.  May we all be kind and loving towards all those whom we meet, not matter the circumstances.

Today we made ;little presents for the girls to take to their teachers for preschool and church, which mostly involved baking.  Once the baking was done though the girls got to work coloring Christmas cards  Charlotte loves coloring.
 Lily was feeling a little camera shy today, but she was helpful.  After writing her name on a card she went and wrote Charlotte's name on her card, it wasn't quite spelled right, but it was really good for a 3 year-old writing out such a long name on her own.

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