Monday, December 10, 2012

December 10th

10 days in and we are still going!  After nap time today Lily asked to do the calendar so we pulled down the bag for day 10 and read Luke 2:8-14 which is the angel's visitation to the shepherds announcing Jesus' birth. Lily and Charlotte play with their nativity sets all of the time so Lily already knew the shepherds were there because of the angel, such a bright little 3-year-old.

Today we decorated felt Christmas trees for our activity.  I simply cut the trees, a couple of stars, and some ornaments out of some felt and let them go at decorating and then redecorating their trees.
 Lily was very focused on getting the ornaments all in the right place.
 Charlotte was a little more random about where she placed her ornaments, but she set them in place very carefully.
It was a fun way to spend some time this afternoon.

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