Thursday, December 6, 2012

December 6th

Almost a week in, Charlotte is on the mend, Lily is ill, and we were stuck at home all day today...again.  Sometimes I forget on how much I rely on my little outings, playgroup, preschool, they really feel the need that I have for adult conversation (since Tyson is gone so much) and going without them for the week has really worn me down.

Anyway, after nap, when they are at their happiest and least sick, we did our calendar.  We started of course by reading our scripture, which today was Isaiah 7:14 and I explained that the prophets knew long before Jesus' birth that he would be coming.

Our activity today was to make cinnamon ornaments.  And when I say cinnamon I mean it, no flour in these suckers, just cinnamon, applesauce and glue.  Since the dough had to sit for an  hour after making it I did that earlier and then we gathered at the table, picked out some cookie cutters and went to work.
We ended up with quite a few cute little ornaments that are bound to make our artificial tree smell like cinnamon for the next month. I'd better make sure that my Scentsy warmer in the living room has a complimentary scent in it or it could be bad.
 They weren't all dry in time to decorate them, but we did manage to get the snowflakes covered in glitter and hung on the tree.
P.S. Lily wore her jingle bell bracelet again all day today...I might have to hide that thing fairly soon if this keeps up.

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