Saturday, December 22, 2012

December 22nd

We are closing in on Christmas!

Our scripture for today was Matthew 2:19-23 which discusses Joseph bring Mary and the Christ child back from Egypt after the death of Herod to dwell in Nazareth, which fulfilled prophecy.

Our activity for the day was to make Christmas candy.  I grew up making candy every Christmas with my family to give away to the neighbors and friends and I enjoy continuing that tradition in my own family.  Because so much of my family is in town right now we didn't spend all day at it, we just made some creamy caramels and fudge, because those are my favorites.

Charlotte loved helping, but tried at least half a dozen times to dump ground chipotle powder in the fudge...could have been good, but I wasn't willing to risk it.
 Lily wasn't too keen on cooking this year, but she was happy to watch and eat the finished product.

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