Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December 5th

Just when Charlotte was starting to feel better (still teething, but the fever and vomiting are gone) Lily decided to catch the bug and is now ill.  I'm actually glad that we have these little activities to do every day because we are stuck at home, no playgroup or other outings for us until the kids are better.

Today is day 5 and our scripture was Matthew 1:18-19, and while my girls can't quite understand it yet, I just explained to them that Joseph protected Mary and took care of her while she was expecting baby Jesus.

Our activity this morning was making jungle bell bracelets.  For my girls who love to accessorize this was a big hit!

I was surprised at how well Lily did stringing the bells on herself.  I only added the last 5 for her because she was having trouble adding more without losing the ones that she already had.
 I think that they sure turned out cute.
 Charlotte was excited when she realized that clapping her hands made it jingle.
I'm pretty sure that this will be all that I hear all day long!

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