Thursday, December 20, 2012

December 20th

It is amazing how time flies when you just want it to slow down.  We missed our advent activity on the 20th, it was just a crazy day and we didn't end up having time for it.  To make up for that we did our advent activity for the 20th first thing in the morning on the 21st.  

Our scripture for the day was Matthew 2:16-18, which tells of Herod's slaughter of the innocents after the Wise Men didn't return to identify the Christ child.  A little to poignant for right now.

Our activity was a Nutcracker Night (which turned out to be a Nutcracker morning).  With Lily in dance she is very interested in watching others dance so I thought that she might enjoy watching The Nutcracker, I had no idea that Charlotte would like it so much.  She dance around the living room along with the dancers, trying to copy them.  The mouse king scared Lily, but other than that she also enjoyed watching it.
While watching the movie I had some crayons out with some nutcracker themed coloring pages.

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