Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December 4th

We started out the day with our advent calendar this morning.  Our scripture this morning was Luke 1:26-33, which is the Annunciation.  We talked for a minute about how Mary was told that she would be having a baby, and that he would be very special.

Afterwards, our activity was making borax snowflakes.  It was a quick and simple project, just 1/3 cup of borax in the bottom of a pint mason jar, then you fill the jar with boiling water.  Create your snowflake out of a pipe cleaner and then hang it from a string in the water and let it sit over night.

We started ours first thing this morning so that they would be done tonight rather than having them sit over night.
Charlotte didn't quite understand what to do with the pipe cleaner.
Lily was so excited by her shapes!
Our snowflakes, though none of them are shaped like snowflakes.
4 hours later
They turned out so pretty!!!

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  1. Very cute Jen! We've been doing advent Christmas activities each day too, but I've been short about 4. Thanks for the great ideas! I will definitely be doing this one with my kids :) Your girls are so cute and growing so fast! Have a happy holiday season.