Monday, December 24, 2012

December 24th, Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve!

We spent almost the entire day with my family, all of my family.  My siblings and their families that live out of state were all in town and we gathered together at my parents' home for the day.  The day started with a family photo shoot, which was our Christmas gift to our mom.  It has been over 3 years since we were all together and many new children, and a new sister-in-law, have been added since then so we were in need of an updated group photo.  I'm very excited to see what the finished product looks like.

We then spent the rest of the day cooking, swimming, and enjoying each others' company.  That evening we we sat down together and read the Christmas story from Luke 2.  We then opened our annual Christmas Eve packages, which usually include pajamas and for our kids a new family Christmas story and an ornament for each.  This year I made the girls' pajamas.  They look cozy to me, I should have made myself some too.  I also crocheted some little slippers for them.  
 We also had our cousins' gift exchange and Lily was over the moon with the tea set that she received, I couldn't get a picture of her without it.  Charlotte also got her own tea set which is perfect!  They can have tea parties together without fighting over who gets to pour the tea.
Charlotte loves babies   Have a mentioned that?  She really loves baby Camden, who is a full year younger than her, but the same size, and Charlotte is not a tiny thing by any means.

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