Friday, December 7, 2012

December 7th

One week in!  Today we started out by reading Matthew 1:20-25, which is when the angel visits Joseph and tells him about God's plan for Mary.

Our activity for today was decorating gingerbread houses, but our houses weren't made of gingerbread, or graham crackers for that matter.  Instead I formed them out of rice crispie treats and it worked so well!  No collapsing walls to worry about.
 I didn't really get many action pictures because me camera battery died after 3 pictures so it charged while we decorated.
 Lily took her sweet time though so we did get some pictures of her hard at work on her house.
 Lily had a great time sticking candy on her house.
 Tyson wins the prize for using the most candy on his, but he seemed to rather enjoy designing it.
 This one is mine.
 Charlotte lost interest in decorating when she discovered that the decorations were candy.  She pretty much sat and munched while we did ours.
 Tyson likes to add in lots of detail, that or save candy for later.
 I sure do love my family!

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