Sunday, January 6, 2013

Drawing on the Windows

When shopping for Christmas I was looking for some dry erase markers for Lily, but I wanted washable ones since the regular expo markers are miserable to get out of clothes.  I found some Crayola washable dry erase markers and next to them were these window markers.  My kids climb up on the chest that sits in front of our big window and color on it when I'm not looking and colored pencil is a pain to get off, so these seemed like a great compromise.  I figured that they could color on the window sometimes, but using the right materials so that clean up would be easier.

Charlotte opened them up on Christmas morning and they have been a hit.  They are great distraction when mommy needs it to be quiet for a few minutes.
 Lily was very intent on drawing her spider web this morning and putting spiders and bugs all over it.
 It is hard to see their drawing in this photograph, but it covered the entire window and used every color.
I love toys like this; just a few bucks, hours of fun, and easy clean up.

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