Thursday, January 10, 2013

Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

We are in for a major change around here.  Not only are we expecting our third child (due at the end of May) but this baby is a BOY!  

Tyson is excited, and relieved.  He loves his girls, but he has always worried that he would never get a boy so he is very happy about it.  Lily was certain that this would be a baby sister.  We took her with us to the ultrasound and she even told the tech that it would be a girl, but she was wrong.  Didn't bother her though, she was excited about a baby brother and when the tech handed me a photo and CD of images Lily took them, hugged them to her chest, and said "I love my baby brother!"

I'm very excited, but all of the sudden this afternoon I started to feel a bit overwhelmed and nervous.  I've got girls down, I know how to handle baby girls and I have everything that I need, but this boy is going to be a new adventure.  Tyson and I had both felt for a while that this must be a boy, this pregnancy has just been so different, and I just felt like it was a boy.  I kept bracing myself to hear that it was a girl though, it had to be, I have girls, and I didn't want to let myself be disappointed by getting my hopes up.  Turns out that gut instinct was right though, this little guy was very clearly a boy.  He wasn't very cooperative with pictures though, so what we have is very limited.  
Forearms and hands
 back and neck
 one little foot
 and the little guy giving us a thumbs up!
We are really excited for this new chapter in out lives!

Looks like I need to get my sewing machine back out and get to work, not that I really need an excuse, but now I get to try out a bunch of the fun baby pins that I've been finding on Pinterest for the last year.


  1. I am seriously so excited for you guys!! Boys are fun, definitely different than girls, but in a good way :) Be prepared to have your heart melt once more when you hold him in your arms for the first time. Babies are amazing, wonderful, and simply the best in my opinion :) You're a good mamma Jenn!! You'll do just fine!!

  2. That comment was from me Brittney btw...I tried to log in, but it just jumped to this page showing it as posted...oh well :)

  3. Congrats!! Boys are so much fun :)