Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pulling out the Fire Pit

Last week was beautiful!  Fabulous weather and the kids spent most of their time out doors playing in the yard and on their bikes.  They loving spending time with their daddy when he is home so Saturday evening we decided to pull out the fire pit and roast hot dogs and make some s'mores.
My girls take after their dad, they are very excited by fire.
The challenge was keeping them from playing with it the way that daddy was.  Not that Tyson was playing with it, just tending it, but still, it looked like lots of fun to them.
Charlotte was very intent on roasting her marshmallows, but the roasting sticks are a little long for her so daddy had to help her balance it.
She wasn't quite sure how to eat the s'more though, and for a little girl that likes to be clean the gooey marshmallow was difficult to manage.
Lily on the other hand knew exactly what to do.
Maybe if we keep this up when we go camping this summer the girls will be pros around the campfire.

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