Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday

Today was pretty close to perfect.  The weather was ideal, my first tulips bloomed, my children were pretty well behaved and I had a wonderful time at church this afternoon.  With all of the fun kids' activities that Easter involves, it is always wonderful to be reminded of the reason for this glorious holiday.  He is risen, and because of that we can be saved.
Our morning started out with some Easter baskets.  My kids don't know who the Easter bunny is, not that we've been keeping them from the story, but rather we just haven't brought it up.  They were mostly given art supplies and puzzles with a chocolate bunny and a new pony.
The bunnies were a hit...and breakfast.  Bad mommy moment.  Lunch was yogurt and strawberries though so I don't feel too bad about it.
Sweet smiling girl.
Lily has been on a puzzle kick lately and wanted to sit down and do her puzzle right away and Tyson was good enough to help her.  Don't ask me why he's wearing a beanie and jacket inside...I have no answers for that one.  Lily's hair on the other hand is still pinned up from the night before.
I've been working on their Easter dresses for a while.  I found a couple of dresses that I really liked, but neither of them in their entirety so I combined the elements that I liked best in each of them and designed my girls' dresses for this year.  I've very pleased with how they came out.  They are, I think, my favorite dresses that I have made for them so far.

Getting  picture of the two of them together was not going to happen though.  They just wanted to dance when they were together.
Twirling is always fun though, so who can blame them.

 I love her hair in curls.

Happy Easter everyone!

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  1. Bad mommy for letting them have chocolate for breakfast? Nothing about this post screams bad mommy. Your girls are adorable! Can't wait to see next year what it looks like to have a boy in this mix on Easter!