Monday, March 4, 2013

On a Sewing Kick

I've been sewing like crazy these last few months and most of it has been things for this baby boy.  It has been a lot of fun to try out some new things and this baby boy is a good excuse to do so.

I started out with some blankets.  First I made this soft and silky baby blanket because I love them.  I have made similar ones for my girls and they are so soft and cuddly, I just had to make one that wasn't pink for this baby boy
 Next it was time for some swaddling blankets.  I am a big fan of swaddling and my friends have been raving about these thin cotton gauze swaddling blankets.  I checked them out, they were $36 for 4 pieces of hemmed cotton.  I don't pay for stuff like that.  I ordered the fabric online and made mine for $18.  They weren't hard, you just cut a square and hem the sides, easy as can be.
I've been seeing lots of tutorials for these self-binding baby blankets and well, I wanted to test them out so I had to make one for this little guy, just because I wanted to learn the technique.  Again, also very simple and rather cute.  I'm loving the whales!
 I also used the same flannel to make some of my very favorite burp clothes.  I really shouldn't have made them all super girly last time...oh well.  It only took an hour or two and cost about $3 to make 9 so still an awesome deal.
 I even did a little bit of applique this time around, just for fun.
Finally, it was time to get to the nursery set.  I haven't made a nursery set since I was pregnant with Lily so it was a lot of fun to come up with my design and draw it all out.  No patterns this time around though, I created all of my plans on my own and just went for it.

First challenge, colors.  Tyson painted our nursery a surfer blue shortly after we bought the house and before we were expecting Lily and it was the only color that he got to choose.  So, rather than repainting, I have worked around the color.  After looking online for some ideas I decided on something somewhat nautical (surfer blue, right?  It had to work) and then came the fabric search.  I found some online, some in local stores, and when I was all done shopping I ended up with this stack, which I loved!

I planned to make a quilt, crib skirt, and window valances.  Last night I finished it!
 I was ambitious this time around, I hand quilted and hand bound the quilt.  It took a lot longer, but I love how neat and clean it looks!
I also painted that cute little set of canvases that are up on the wall.  A friend found the image online and I just had to reproduce it because it was so adorable!
I think that it is a lot of fun to have our little nursery all put together.  There are still a few more projects in the works for this little guy, like getting his name up on the wall, but that will have to wait until I get the girls' Easter dresses sewn and Lily's birthday present finished.

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  1. I LOVE the room! You are so talented Jenn! :)