Friday, February 28, 2014

Charlotte's Birthday Party

For several months now Charlotte has been telling me that for her birthday she wanted to have a pirate party.  I was hoping that the pirate thing would be out of her system by now, after all, they were pirates for Halloween, but no such luck.  Charlotte is still pirate obsessed.  I set about to planning a little party for her and her friends.

Last night after the girls went to bed I assembled and decorated Charlotte's cake and I;m happy with how it came out.  I learned a few things, messed up in some places, but it was fun to make and she was so excited when she came upstairs this morning and saw it on the table.
At her party we had a treasure map (that I drew up 10 minutes before the party started since the idea occurred to me while setting up) that showed Charlotte how to navigate her party.  We started with some coloring pages while we waited for everyone to get there and get settled in.  We then moved on to a pirate story.  We moved from there to building pirate ships.  I was busy helping assemble little egg carton pirate ships so I didn't have hands free to take pictures.
 I almost always include a pinata in the kids parties because every kid loves whacking at something, no matter their age.
 Charlotte got to start it and then each kid got a turn, youngest to oldest.  Lily took a few good whacks.
 Junior  was the last to get a go at the pinata and he killed it for us.
 That led to the best part, filling a goody bag with candy!
 The next stop on our map was a pirate picnic.  We had some little sandwiches, fruit, and apple juice.  I figured that I needed to feed them some real food before filling them with cake and ice cream.
  The last stop on our map was the treasure chest cake.
 After the cake was consumed we opened presents.  I love how these kids enjoy giving gifts.  They were all so anxious for Charlotte to open the gifts that they each brought for her.  Charlotte loved her presents.
When we got home the mailman delivered Charlotte's gift from Tyson and I, which was a box of musical instruments.  I'm already regretting it, but she's happy.

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  1. Looks like she had a wonderful time at her party. =)