Saturday, April 19, 2014

Robie Creek

I decided to run Robie.  If you've never heard of it...well, you must not be local...but it is a half marathon that goes up over a nice big hill.  It is a race that sells out quickly so I sat at my computer on President's day counting down the seconds until noon to sign up...than then I wondered what I had just done!
I trained with some friends for it and then it was time to run.
I even had a shirt made just for this race with my running buddy on my sleeve.  (
I love the energy behind the Robie Creek race.  The first couple of miles of the course were lined with people who came out the watch and cheer the runners on.  The volunteers were exceptional!  Overall a terrific race that was so well organized.  It was a rough race course though.  I survived the hill but my calves seized up on the downhill which forced me to walk (which was heartbreaking), but in the end I finished and I'm very proud of that.  Next year though...maybe I'll be crazy enough to do it again.

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