Sunday, April 20, 2014


Next year I'll try my best not to schedule a big race the day before Easter.  It sure threw me off and everything felt so rushed getting ready for both at the same time.  Since Saturday was going to be so busy the kids and I dyed Easter eggs on Friday.  We only spilled one cup of dye (red, of course) but otherwise it was a pretty easy and fun process.
 I let the girls pick out a glitter egg coloring kit...never again.  That stuff was a pain to put on and worse when it came to peeling the eggs.  They were sure pretty though.
Easter morning was a little rushed, that happens when church is at 9 o'clock so the only picture that I took was one of Gideon while we waited for the girls to wake up.
After church though I managed to get a few pictures of the kids in their new Easter outfits.
 Gideon is not a fan of holding still for anything.
 Lily is so grown up these days.  Our baby girl is getting so big,
Charlotte here is a little spitfire, but that's why we love her.
  And Gideon, well, he plays...
 and laughs...
 and is just as cute as they come.


  1. You are an amazing photographer. =) And I love their outfits!

  2. Cute pictures. Did you make their outfits? They are really cute.