Friday, May 2, 2014

Kindergarten Registration

I can hardly believe that Lily is old enough for this, but this morning we registered Lily for Kindergarten.  For at least three years now I've been hoping that I could get her into the Idaho Arts Charter School.  I entered her name into the lottery on January 1st and we have been waiting and waiting to hear from them.  Last week the letter finally came and Lily's name was drawn.  I'm not sure that I can explain how excited I was when I read that letter.  Aside from being a great school, they also have a traditional Kindergarten schedule whereas the local public schools have a very wonky full-day-ever-other-day-and-every-other-Friday schedule that makes my mind go haywire just thinking about.  Anyway, we are in and so happy about it.

Today was registration day.  Lily was nervous about going last night, she even told me that she might be sick today (she's too young for that game, right?) but this morning she was excited to see her new school so off we went.
 Charlotte was just as excited to check it out.  It will be an interesting adjustment for them this fall to be apart from each other.


  1. So, with Lilly going there will Charlotte have a better chance of going when she's ready?

  2. Yes, siblings get in and then they do the lottery (unless there are more siblings than space) so I shouldn't have any trouble getting Charlotte and Gideon in when their times comes. Such a relief!!!