Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Memorial Day Camping Trip

Over Memorial Day weekend we decided to go camping.  We made it a simple trip close to home.  We went over near Payette and camped with the Jenkins and Miller families.  We love camping with friends!

Tyson got he chance to play with fire so he was happy, except for the stomach bug that hit him and laid him out for a day.  Gideon just chewed on sticks.
The kids just ran around the camp site together all day long.
There was a lake nearby and all of the kids loved going for rides in the canoe and kayaks.  
They were pretty sure that they could paddle those boats just fine on their own.
Gideon just loved the water.
He spent the entire time in the lake just playing with the sand and splashing around.
Charlotte was building in the sand.
Lily was exhausted after all that paddling.  Good thing she had her Avengers crackers.
Everyone was so dirty by the end of it all, but everyone was happy.
There was a little litter of fox pups that lived in the culvert near our camp site.  It was a lot of fun to watch them play around with each other.

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