Monday, May 12, 2014

Lily's 5th Birthday

Lily keeps insisting on growing up.  She is a five-year-old now, all grown-up and ready to start Kindergarten.  She loves to draw, paint, sing (in her own way) dance, and is slightly obsessed with The Avengers.  We had a little party for her birthday with some of her friends and of course it had to be Avengers themed.

I had all of these great plans, and then remembered that not only am I just one person, but I'm also on a budget so we kept is simple.  I find that children don't need a lot to entertain them, just getting together with friends is plenty of fun.  We still had a pinata, because my kids love them.
And I kinda went crazy on the cake.  I do that.  But I like to,  Birthdays are chances for me to play around with fun ideas so I take full advantage.
Everyone one of The Avengers is represented on the cake.  We have Thor's hammer and Ironman.

Hawkeye's mask

Black widow
Captain American is represented on the top and of course Hulk is front and center.
The kids LOVED it!  It was also delicious.  Chocolate cake with a chocolate and peanut butter ganache filling...perfect!
Presents were also a favorite.
After the party was over and friends went home I found Lily and Charlotte playing with some of her new presents.  Apparently her new Captain America action figure was going to the ball with Cinderella...
I love watching Lily open gifts.  She had been asking for Avenger Legos for a long time and I found a great set that I knew she'd love.  Her reaction was priceless!
We sure love our girl and we are so glad that she is a part of our family!

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