Friday, March 21, 2008

Mortgage Woes

My life can never be simple can it... So, we finally found the perfect home. It is a great deal and we want to buy it. All along I thought the lender that I had talked to was getting things ready to go for me and that all we needed to do was find the house. Turns out she hasn't really started anything and I need to be ready to close on this house in just about three weeks.
Our problem is that the construction market slowed in the valley so much that Tyson has not been working much at all these last three months. In a week he is set to start a new job working as a guard out at the prison. It will be a good steady job that will get us up and running again. Even with him out of work though, we have been paying our all of our bills on time. We figured that with the new job in the works we wouldn't ahve any problems, but I guess we were wrong. Our lender is not a bit concerned about getting us financed. I'm bothered becasue she isn't even at work today, though she said she would be, and we have a deadline to work with and I need to know if we are going to make it or not.
I called a friend of mine today who is an officer at a local bank and is in charge of their mortgage department. Basically I want to see if there is anything that he can do for me. I am such a worrier by nature I don't think that I will rest well until I know that the financing is all in place...

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