Monday, March 17, 2008

Offer Accepted!

Okay, so since January Tyson and I have been looking for a house to buy. We made an offer on two houses before now and the first was refused and the second was taken off the market after we had waited for over a month. This last weekend we found yet another house that we just loved. We made an offer on Saturday and then, low and behold, this evening I got a call from our realtor Steve who said that they have accepted our offered price. We had, of course, asked to be able to do a home inspection before we actually buy the house, and they are fine with that, but they want it completed before the end of the day on Friday. I need to call the home inspector tomorrow I guess to get him scheduled to go out. I just hope that it comes back favorable. I am just so tired of looking for a house and waiting on everything, and I love this house, so I want everything just to go in order. Of course, nothing can ever go that easy so the question really is, what is going to be the next problem that we encounter... I'll probably know more tomorrow.

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