Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Trying to relax...

I took some pictures of the house this last weekend when we showed it to my family. I thought that I might post one that shows the house when it is not covered in snow.
So really, I just like to worry a lot about nothing and let myself get sressed. The mortgage situation is going to be just fine. I talked to both of my mortgage people today and they both feel like everything it totally under control. I'll still worry, just because I really like doing that. Okay, I don't really like it, but it has be ingrained in me since childhood.

I have a new big concern now...packing. I knew that we were buying a house but somewhere along the line I seemed to forget that buying a house means moving. I hate moving. There is nothing fun at all about boxing up everything you own and carrying it up and down flights of stairs, driving it wherever, and then unpacking it all and figuring out how to best organize an entirely different setting. It takes me a while to feel settled, though I do have a tendency to have to unpack everything in one day. I feel like we just moved in here, though it really was about eight months ago. I guess that the bright side here is that we won't be moving again for sometime.

Really, I just need a break.

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