Saturday, June 14, 2008


I know, I know, you are all eager to see how my yard and garden are coming. Okay, I'm sure that you really aren't all that excited about it, but I sure am. I have never had a garden of my own so for our garden to be growing as well as it has been is VERY exciting to me!
I was asked yesterday what we were growing so here's the run down. Behind the corn we have a cantaloupe, then of course the corn. In front of the corn we have a cherry tomato and a cucumber. Then there are six more tomato plants, one of them being a yellow pear variety. In front of those are our peppers, red and green bells as well as a jalapeno. You can's really see them in this picture, but in front of the peppers are our onion plants. Our primary purpose in planting our garden this year is to be able to make salsa this fall, everything else is just for fun and to save us money at the grocery store. That and to have tomatoes untainted with salmonella.An then of course, there are my flowers. My petunias and daisies on my front porch are growing wonderfully and just getting more full and beautiful every week. We are finally supposed to have warm weather all week, so I'm excited to see where we are at in the next couple of weeks.
I had to put this picture up because I simply love the color of the roses on this bush. It is a little wild to Tyson is working on getting some starts going so that he can train a new bush that will give me the same vibrant orange color with fewer thorns.
Okay, this last one is where we laid some sod last week. This was where the dog run was and we moved that because we wanted to have a little more backyard and I also didn't want the run right up next to the garage anymore. I'm glad to see it all taking so well.

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