Sunday, June 29, 2008

I learned something new...

Did you know that the peanut is actually a relative of the pea family and that it isn't actually a nut at all? I had no idea! Though I guess I had never thought about it before. Anyway, earlier this week Tyson was working in our garden and found a peanut that had sprouted. We assume that it came in the load of donkey dung that my brother brought us a month back for our garden. In one end and out the other whole I guess. My mom said that the digestion process it probably what caused it to sprout. Anyway, being the guy that he is, the first thing that Tyson thought to do with it was plant it. So he pulled out a couple of marigolds that I had planted (they were nearly dead) and he put it in pot. Well, I went to go look at it today and low and behold, we have a peanut plant! I guess that peanuts are produced much like potatoes. Who knew? I have no idea what we'll do with it or if it will even grow here, but only time will tell I guess. In the mean time, Tyson keeps his potted peanut next to the garden to make sure that it gets watered with the rest of our plants everyday.

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  1. Nice work!! Tyson . . . we need to build you a little green house and potting shed.