Wednesday, January 27, 2010

First Toothbrush

I really didn't think that I needed to worry about Lily's teeth for quite a while, but my friend Jenniie has taught me otherwise. So, I bought Lily her first toothbrush. I certainly don't expect her to let me give her a full on brushing twice a day, but rubbing them down is good for her and it should help her get used to the idea of having a toothbrush in her mouth since she will soon have a mouth full of teeth.
To start off I handed her the brush and she examined it.And as always she had to put it in her mouth, but she started with the wrong end.Look at her brushing those bottom teeth (or chewing on the toothbrush bristles, whatever)Will she let mommy brush her teeth or put it in her mouth, NO! We'll keep working in it!


  1. Did you know that there's finger bursh for kids that age? My pediatrician told me not to start with a real toddler toothbrush until he had at least 6 teeth or around a year old, since their little gums are so sensitive. Jonathan kept biting my finger while I used the finger brush, so right before Christmas I bought his his first toddler toothbrush. He's eating nothing but solid foods and dairy milk, so he HAS to have his teeh brushed in the morniga after his cup of milk and at night right after bath time.

  2. I laughed as I read through this. But it's a really good idea to let her know the wonders of knowing how brushing her teeth is good for her. And the last pic is cute in many ways.

    -Bianca Jackson