Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Everyone seems to have an opinion of who Lily looks like and most people are very adamant in their opinions. I personally think that Lily is her daddy's little girl, but some people disagree with me. I think that I have found conclusive evidence to back up my opinion.

I was flipping through the scrapbook that Tyson's mom put together when I found this picture of him. He was just shy of 6 months old here.
This was taken of Lily as 6.5 months old.This picture of me was taken at a slightly younger age, but it is pretty much all the I have right now.So what does everyone else think? Is she daddy's little girl or her momma's?


  1. She's a gorgeous mix of the both of you! I see your face on Tyson's head lol She is just so adorable and makes me smile!

  2. Agreed. She is a beautiful mix. It depends on the day but some days she really reminds me of you!

  3. I'll third the motion and agree that she is a perfect blend of both of you! She really is just darling!

  4. I definitely think she is a daddy's girl! I think she looks way more like him than you.