Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Big Sister in Training

Lily loves babies! She gets so excited when she sees one and she wants to try to take care of them. Lately she has started taking some of what she sees and has begun applying it to her play with her baby dolls. I caught a few sweet moments this morning that I wanted to share.

Here she is taking her baby doll for a ride. Apparently the shopping cart is capable of doubling as a stroller.
And when they got done with their walk she tucked her baby into her little bed in the laundry hamper.
I'm still not sure that Lily really understands that we will be having another baby here soon, but I'm sure that when Charlotte finally decides to make her appearance Lily will be very excited and an eager little helper.

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  1. She will be such a great big sister. I have to tell you though that Emily would do things like this and I thought she would love Maddie when she came, but it took a good two weeks for her to accept that she wasn't an only child anymore.