Friday, February 11, 2011

Getting Ready for Baby

The time has come, and I am finally getting little spurts of energy, so I am getting things ready for this baby girl to make her appearance. It is about time since I am 37 weeks today so she could decide to come any day now, or really any day within the next four weeks.

Up until this point almost everything that I have done has been for Lily. We have been so focused on getting her new room and the family room finished that we hadn't done much in the way of prepping for Charlotte. Though really, moving Lily out of the nursery was to make space for the new baby. I finally finished getting everything of Lily's out of the room which of course left it a mess. Yesterday I put it back together. The crib is still missing a mattress because the one that we have is on Lily's toddler bed. I plan to buy a new one next week when a coupon and a rewards code that I have will be effective. Gotta save whatever money I can, right?
And to make it her space, I replaced Lily's name on the wall with Charlotte's. I had some left over fabric from the bedding that I made back when I was expecting Lily so it worked out perfectly.
I also had Tyson get some of our baby supplies out of the attic in the garage. Of course we needed the infant car seat, but I also wanted the bouncy chair. Lily loved it when she was tiny and they are so handy. I washed everything and once I put it all together Lily had to test it out. Just making sure that everything works for her baby sister.
We are getting so close, and I'm starting to get antsy. So, if anyone has any ideas of how I can keep myself preoccupied over the next few weeks I would appreciate them. Lily keeps me busy for the most part, but this cold weather is keeping us indoors much more than either of us would like.

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