Sunday, March 27, 2011

....One Month....

Today Charlotte turned one month old! Time is just flying by around here. She is getting so big so quickly and we just love her. Lily loves her little sister and is very attentive. She also finally figured out how to say Charlotte's name.

Charlotte is getting huge! Okay, maybe huge is a big of an exaggeration, but she growing so fast. She is over 3 pounds above her birth weight already! Today she weighed in just over 11 pounds and she is just over 22 inches long.

I loved doing the monthly onesie project with Lily to chronicle her growth and the collage at the end is one of my favorite things so I have been very excited to get it going on this project with Charlotte.

Here's Charlotte with her piggy.
One month old and growing out of the 0-3 months onesie already. She is such a big girl and growing so fast!
Just being sweet.
And sleeping, which is of course when she is the sweetest.

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