Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sweet Girls

I think that I am finally hitting reality. I'm still spoiled by having Tyson home from work, but with full-time school and church callings he is still very busy. Tonight was my first night doing baths and bedtime by myself. It had been a bit of a rough day. Lily wanted my attention and Charlotte is a snacker and eats a bit at a time pretty much all day long. So when Tyson left for class this evening and then his meeting I was already tired and when 7:30 rolled around I was pretty frazzled and the girls didn't make bath time or bed time any easier. They are finally both asleep and now all that I can think about it how sweet these little girls are and how grateful I am to have them.

So I'm reminding myself with some cute little pictures from the last couple of days.

Lily and her pudding cup.
Charlotte sleeping so sweetly.

1 comment:

  1. They are so sweet and I remember the joy of having two little girls. Time flies so fast. Now I am thinking of your mother who went from one little girl to three. Can you imagine how exhausted she must have been?