Tuesday, January 31, 2012

An Afternoon at the Park

 We got a little break in the winter weather (it got up to 50 degrees!) which has allowed the girls and I to spend some much needed time outside.  I get so worn out in the winter, being indoors all day under artificial light all while looking out the window at gray skies.  We received a few warm days along with some sunshine and the girls and I made the most of it.

We spent a lot of the summer at the park just down the street from us (buying a home 1/4 mile from a park was a brilliant idea) and we have missed it.  So I strapped the girls into the stroller and off we went.  My girls love the swings!

 Charlotte was too little to try out the slide during the summer so this time I let her try it out.
 She liked it!  So much so that she wouldn't look at me, she just turned around...
 and tried to go again!
 And while Lily went back to her favorite swings,
 Charlotte tried out the rocking elephant.  The girl is a master on the rocking horse at home and caught on to how to rock the elephant really quickly.
It was a fun afternoon, it didn't last nearly long enough, and now I am ready for Spring!  Bring on the warmer weather and sunny days!

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