Saturday, January 7, 2012

Silly Growing Girls

Time keeps passing and these silly girls just keep growing!

Earlier this week Lily had a first, as in, her first piggy tails that didn't require extra plastics or clips to hold all of her hair in.  It is FINALLY long enough!
Charlotte is still goofy as over, her new favorite is to climb up on my lap, stretch out, and
get me to tickle her tummy.
 Lily received some foam building block shapes which she calls her Christmas tree, because she was given them for Christmas and apparently built a tree the first time she played with them, and now everything is a tree and she always has a star to go on top.  Her daddy helped her build this structure.
 This afternoon Lily heard Charlotte wake up from her nap and went in to get her.  She decided to climb up into the crib with her sister.
And then cause all kinds of trouble.  I know that Lily's pants are inside out, she is on an "I do it!" kick lately and wouldn't accept any help with getting her pants back on after her post-nap visit to the potty.
 Charlotte takes her apple eating very seriously, she can eat an entire apple if you give her long enough, core and everything.
 I love this silly face though.
 Lily took a break from her game of Candy Land to eat her snack as well.
 Her break didn't last long, she wanted to get back to her game.

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