Friday, April 20, 2012

Breaking Rocks

Have I mentioned lately that my husband is pretty much the most amazing guy ever?  No?  Well, he is.
For a couple of years now I have been thinking that I would like to do a rock border around my flower beds.  I do all perennials and I'm kinda working on a cottage garden look so I thought that it would be great to have all of my flowers spilling over this fantastic rock border.  I finally decided to do it, but rocks are expensive (crazy huh? They are rocks!) and I needed a lot, so I went to craigslist.  People like to rip out landscaping left by a previous owner so I figured that I could get a few rocks at a time, build up a stash, and then do it.  It didn't take long however.  I found a lady on craigslist who was ripping out a pond and had tons of rocks (literally) that she wanted gone.  I dragged the husband over there and we came home with 2 truck loads of rocks.  Now these aren't little rocks, the biggest one that he got had to have weighed over 300 pounds (no idea how he moved that thing, did I marry Superman?) so after loading them up and then unloading them, my poor husband had to pull out his old masonry tools and break up the boulders into manageable sizes.  So much work!  Gotta love when the wife decides on a project, insists that she will do it, and then the husband ends up doing almost all of it because it was a lot harder than the wife anticipated it would be.  Whoops!

Today the border around my largest flower bed that goes around the south and west sides of our house was finished, and my goodness I love it!  It is exactly what I was envisioning!  I'm so excited for all of my plants to really come to life and really fill in the bed.  

I cut out a new little bed to go along the walkway by the door so the rock goes all of the way to the driveway.
We've got this raised bed on the southwest corner with the other flower bed surrounding it.
Finally going down the west side of the house.  My poor white tulips, they are pretty much done for the year and looking a little sad right now.  Thankfully my columbines are ready to bloom so I'll have plenty of new flowers here in a day or two.

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