Friday, June 7, 2013

Growing Boy

Our little man just keeps growing and growing!  When we visited the doctor when Gideon was 5 days old he had gained back 10 ounces of the 12 he lost while we were in the hospital.  On our second visit to the doctor a week later we discovered that he had gained another 12 ounces.  I'm not sure how much more he has put on in the last week, but he is certainly getting bigger.  The newborn clothes are officially too small and this little man likes to eat almost every hour.  If he keeps this up he's going to be huge!

And because he's such a cutie, here are a few recent pictures for your enjoyment.
All dressed up for church.
 Cuddling with mommy.
Napping next to mommy.

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  1. He is just precious! Love him. Glad I got to see him on our run Wednesday =)