Saturday, June 15, 2013

Tummy Time

Our little guy continues to grow!  He's almost 10 pounds now and about 2 inches longer than he was at birth.  This afternoon we spent some time on the tummy to help him strengthen him upper body.  At first he just laid there, not sure what to do.
He tried, but he doesn't mind laying on his tummy so he isn't trying to push himself to get off of it.
 Charlotte stepped in as a good big sister to encourage and help him along.
 She's such a good big sister.  She refers to Gideon as "her baby" and constantly wants to hold him, help him, or help me with him.  If he fusses, even for just a second, she makes sure to let me know that "baby's sad" and she wants that taken care of right away.  She's turning into such a big girl.

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