Wednesday, June 19, 2013

One Month

Our little Gideon is one month old today.  My goodness time flies when you have a baby, if only pregnancy passed by so quickly...

This little guy is as sweet as can be.  He likes to cuddle, stare at faces (and blinds), and most of all he loves to EAT!  I'm nursing this little guy at least every two hours and he is packing on the pounds.    I originally purchased some 0-3 month sized onesies for his first monthly photos, but, well, they are too small now.  We had to move up a size.  He was smaller than we thought he would be when he was born, but he is certainly doing his best to bulk up now.

We haven't gotten too many smiles out of him yet, he is always so serious!  But he does actually have some hair, much more than his sisters did at this age, not that that is saying much.
 I'm really excited to see how he grows in comparison to this little whale on his quilt.
 I'm also pretty sure that Gideon is going to have blue eyes.  They aren't a solid blue yet, still a lot of that newborn steely gray, but they are getting lighter and lighter around the pupil. 
His sisters are still totally enamored with him.  In fact, taking these photos was difficult because they wanted to lay down on the blanket with him and play with him.  We love him and I suppose that we'll keep him, even though he does like to keep me up at night.

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