Monday, August 19, 2013

Three Months

Our little man is 3 months old today and I think that he is trying to get me to stop calling him little man because he is getting big!  Yesterday at church a met a new woman and she looked at Gideon for a moment and said, he's what 5 months?  The week before I was also asked if he was 5 or 6 months old now.  Nope folks, barely 3, but yes, he's a big one.  Thankfully his growth has slowed down a bit.  This last month he only gained a pound and a half so he is just over 16 pounds now.  He is sleeping very well at night, not so well during the day and he tackles tummy time well and can push himself up a bit.

He is a very social guy.  Gideon likes to be face to face with people and when he is he will coo and smile sweetly, that is until someone gets out a camera.  Occasionally though I manage to get a hint of a smile.
 Usually though it is this face as he eyes the camera warily.
 Sometimes I get something in between, like this, 
 and sometimes I this sweet smile.  Honestly, this kid is a flirt, and I love it!
 His sisters still love him.  They are pretty sure that he is anxious to join them in their games.
 He will usually sit happily near them while they play.  He's improved in his ability to keep his head up so he regularly gets to sit in the Bumbo now for short periods of time.  He likes being upright.
 Lily asked if she could be in a picture with Gideon, so here it is.
Time is flying, as it always does.  We love our little boy, even if he doesn't like to nap very much.

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