Sunday, October 27, 2013

Boo at the Zoo

We like to take the kids to Boo at the Zoo every year, or rather I like to take the kids and Tyson tolerates it well. 
 We go to the zoo all of the time because we have an annual membership, but this time there was a new Patas Monkey exhibit.  There was a whole fiasco a few months back with a drunken moron breaking into the zoo in the middle of the night, stealing a monkey, and then killing it because it didn't come along quietly.  Anyway, because of that the zoo received a lot of donations and was able to get two new monkey and build a great new home for them.
 The best part though was that just a couple of weeks ago two of the monkeys gave birth.  I loved this sweet mommy monkey cuddling her baby.  Another monkey came up and starting harassing the baby a bit and she spat and shrieked at it and pushed it away.  Don't mess with a mommy!
 As an added surprise, just as Tyson was getting ready to leave for work we ran into my sister Ali and her boys so we finished our rounds around the zoo with some fun cousins.

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  1. Awe how fun! I think we are going to buy a membership this year with taxes. It's totally worth it!