Friday, October 25, 2013

Kids' Race

Last Saturday our running club, Moms Run This Town (which is a national club by the way, check it out) put on our 2nd annual Kids' Race  Our children are used to seeing their moms leave to go running and going to races so we like to let them have one of their own.
We bumped it up from November to October and made it a costumed event, and oh my goodness it was a blast!  Each little runner had a race bib and lined up at the starting line, ready to go.
 Well, almost all of them.  Charlotte here had a scary moment where she couldn't see me at the park and thought she was lost and that was upsetting to her so she had no desire to run the race.
 Lily however set off at a run with her friends, but needed me to stay with her to finish it up.  She had a good sprint to the finish line, excited for her prize.
 You'd be amazed just how much these kids love earning their medals!
  I put together some fun little swag bags for the kiddos and some of the wonderful women in our group brought some refreshments for our little runners.
 We could not have asked for better weather, it is bright and sunny and just plain perfect!
 After a little bit of refueling they were off again to go play at the playground.
I loved this event!  I loved how excited the kids were to run and how encouraging their parents were.  We had some grandparents and other family members out to support their little runners and it just made my heart happy.

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  1. My kiddos had so much fun! We should totally keep up this tradition. Maybe add a spring one?