Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

Our playgroup took a field trip to the Linder Farms pumpkin patch.  Charlotte stayed with me...
 Lily did not.  Is it possible for a four-year-old to have a crush?  She says that she likes Gavin because he is four like her.
Gideon wasn't thrilled about it, but he behaved well.
 After the hayride we were taken to the pumpkin patch where this nice lady explained how pumpkins grow.  Lily was proud of herself for already knowing what three things were needed for the seed to grow.
 For some reason that I don't understand at all my children like to find the smallest pumpkins in the patch.
 Seriously, someone please explain this too me.  Oh well, they love their little pumpkins so I let them have them.
After the pumpkin patch it was play time.  Charlotte got lost in the hay maze and stayed there for quite some time.
 Once the older kids discovered this huge tube slide they were all over it.
 Lily is normally very nervous with new slides.  When we go to a new park it takes quite a while before she works up the courage to go down the untested slides so I expected her to hesitate at the top and perhaps not even go down at all.  I was wrong!  She jumped right in and really enjoyed it.
 We also played in a large box of corn and visited the farm animals.  It was such a fun morning, but rather exhausting for this crew.

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  1. Do they have something inside the slide? I can't imagine the bumps would be that comfortable.