Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Family Pictures

Last week my sister Alison took some family pictures for us.  Gideon is five months old now and there are still no pictures on our walls of him so it was time to fix that.  She took some great pictures.
Charlotte is getting so big, toddlerhood is behind her.
  Gideon here is just a joy, his smiles are so happy they make everyone around him smile.
When did our sweet little Lily get so BIG!  She's so grown up already.
 Me and my girls!
 My guys!
  This weekend it will be our six year anniversary.
It is fun for me to have pictures with my children and I because I'm almost always the one behind the camera taking the pictures so I'm rarely in them.
 Sweet siblings!
 This little guy is a mama's boy, and I love it!


  1. This pictures are beyond gorgeous! What a happy family! It brings me joy to see you in such a joyful place!

  2. You all look wonderful, Jenn. And so happy!!! So glad!