Saturday, November 16, 2013

Painting with the Girls

We have spent so much time outdoors these last few months that we are having a hard time acclimating to being indoors so much.  Yesterday we spent some time painting.
 Charlotte is still very new to the process, but she holds her brush well and is learning to control her movements with it.
 Lily still likes to play with color for the most part, but one of her paintings was her self-portrait.  In her eyes she has very long hair.
Apparently she sees herself as Rapunzel, but with brown hair.  Lily says that those things around her are books, because she has to have lots of books.
 Gideon sat in the high chair and watched his sisters paint.  Cute kid!
He was very intent on devouring this teething toy.
Hopefully we can keep coming up with new activities because otherwise cabin fever is going to set in way too soon.

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  1. Your kiddos are just beautiful! And you are one brave momma letting them paint. =) I am far too OCD about the mess!