Saturday, September 20, 2008

Meet Oscar...

Our little family is growing. Last night Tyson and I picked up our baby boy, Oscar. Tyson and I have both been wanting to get a dog,but we knew that it would have to wait until we bought a house. Well, now that we have a house and we have it ready to go, we decided that it was finally time to get the dog we have been waiting for. So, yesterday we picked up our little nine week old black lab puppy. He was already named Oscar, and I loved that name so Tyson let me keep it.
He already likes Tyson better than me. I figure that it is just because as soon as we got home last night I gave him a bath (which he didn't like much). After that he ran right to Tyson and didn't come back to me for a while. Oh well, I should probably get used to it since it will probably work the same way when we have kids.


  1. Cute dog! Enjoy! My kids are jealous!

  2. I love labs! They are the best dogs ever. Ev-er.